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Central Museum of Communications

Address: 7, Pochtamtskaya street, Saint-Petersburg

Museum will host one of the section meetings on September, 11th

The A.S.Popov Central Museum of Communications is one of the oldest museums of science and technology in the world is located in the historic centre of Saint-Petersburg, near Isaac Square.

On 11th September 1872, the head of the Telegraph Department of Russia, Carl Carlovich Luders substantiated the foundation of this museum. Exhibits of the telegraph department of the Polytechnic exhibition in Moscow 1872 became the core of the collection of the new museum. Museum was open to the public in 1877. In 1882 telephone collection was started. In 1884 post collections and signs of postal payments of the Post Department of Russian Empire was acquired for the Museum and became the basis of the Russian National Collection of Philately.

In 1919 new government of the country decided to remove museum to Moscow, but this decision was abolished in 1922 because there were no such premises in Moscow to host a museum. In 1924 the palace of Prince A.A. Bezborodko was assigned to the museum. Since 1945 the Museum bears the name of an outstanding Russian scientist and inventor professor Aleksandr Stepanovich Popov, who first in the world demonstrated the transmission of radio signals over distance, and thereby has ushered in an epoch of radio communication.

In 1974 museum exposition was closed due to dangerous structure and necessity of general overhaul. But museum development program was developed only in 2000. In 2001 Museum received back the State status and budget financing and as well it was included into the list of the Saint-Petersburg President’s list of cultural objects subject to restoration for 300-years anniversary of Saint-Petersburg. And Museum opened its doors again in 2003 after almost 30 years of restoration works.

Nowadays these archives and collections contain well over 8 million items, they consist of authentic documents and objects relating to the history of post, telegraph and telephone, radio and broadcasting, space communication and all modern means of telecommunication. The Museum cares for 15 000 apparatuses and technical pieces, 50 000 archival documents, vast collections of “marks of postal payment”, including the eight-million items Russian National Collection of Philately, specialized research library with 50 000 books and periodicals.

The Central Museum of Communications is a leading in its field in Russian Federation and as such provides consulting supervision for other museums of the telecommunication industry.