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Museum of the History of Religion

Address: 14, Pochtamtskaya street, Saint-Petersburg
+7 (812) 315 30 80
+7 (812) 314 58 38

Museum will host one of the section meetings on September, 11th

The State museum of the history of religion is one of the world’s few museums and the only one of its kind in Russia with its permanent exhibition featuring the origin and development of Religion. The Museum collection numbers about 200 000 exhibits. It houses a wide range of historical and cultural monuments from various countries, ages, and peoples. The Museum keeps collections that cover a vast expanse of time from the Archaic (c. 6000 BC) and Ancient Egypt and Israel Times to the early Middle Ages in Europe; from the Ancient Greece and Rome to the present day. The history of Buddhism and Islam is also presented on the display.

The Museum halls are specially equipped for seminars, conferences, round-table meetings, concerts, and presentations.

The Museum provides facilities that respond to various needs of our visitors. There is a self-operable lift for disabled visitors using wheelchairs.