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Northern Venice, the city of white nights, Northern Palmira, cultural capital of Russia – all these names belongs to Saint-Petersburg, but its nature is wider than all these descriptions: restrained, but cozy, linear, but airy, situated near the border of the country, but in the center of all events!

Several museums have their jubilees in 2014: 250-years anniversary of the State Hermitage, 300-years anniversary of the Kunstkamera, 250-years anniversary of the building of the Russian Academy of Arts, 110 years from the end of the construction of the church of the Savior on Blood… This was one the reasons why Saint-Petersburg was chosen as a place for the main part of conference “Museum and politics”. From very beginning culture and aesthetics were key reasons in our decisions.

Annually Saint-Petersburg holds different events: Saint-Petersburg international economic forum, International ballet festival “Dance Open”, International action “Night of museums”, International musical festival “Palaces of Saint-Petersburg”, International musical festival “White nights stars”, graduates’ ball “Scarlet sails”, International theater festival “Baltical house”, tennis tournament St. Petersburg Open and stage of the championship of the world in powerboat sport in F1-class.

You have not been here – do not hesitate – arrive! And if you have been to Saint-Petersburg, may be you have not seen something! Do you know how many islands are situated in Saint-Petersburg? Have you seen open storage of the State Russian museum in the Engineer palace or new permanent exhibition of the State museum of political history of Russia? Have you been to the General Staff building after reconstruction? Surely Saint-Petersburg is changing faster than we could imagine!

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