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Information partners

The Moscow Times is the only daily English newspaper in Russia published since 1992. The Moscow Times is the main publication of the publishing company Independent Media Sanoma Magazines.
The newspaper leads the domestic press market in foreign language publications, covering current events in Russia and abroad. This business publication earned respect thanks to its independent, precise and reliable information.

The Art Newspaper Russia is part of the world’s most competent art information network.
The network consists of: Anglo-American The Art Newspaper, Il Giornale dell’Arte in Italy, Le Journal des Arts in France, Ta Nea Ti s Technis in Greece, The Art Newspaper China.


These publications were modelled on such major newspapers as The Guardian, The New York Times, Corriere della Sera, but they focus on the events in the art world. Issues of the newspaper are distributed throughout 60 countries. Correspondents from 30 countries submit their news and reports to local offices in London, New York, Paris, Turin, Athens, Moscow and Beijing.
More about The Art Newspaper Russia.
Our goal is to bring the Russian audience into international context and to integrate the Russian art into the global art scene.
Our content consist of:
News in the art world. Museum business, new programs and attributions, Avenues and trends. New restoration methods, archaeological discoveries, preservation of cultural heritage. Expert opinions, Interviews with leading curators, directors of museums, artists, collectors, gallery owners. Social events and previews in New York, London, Moscow and St. Petersburg. Vintage watches, high fashion, jewelry, modern design, antiques. Review of books, researches and albums. Latest events in multimedia art world and art cinematography. Analysis of the global art market. Results of major auctions. Listing of major global exhibitions, festivals, biennale, fairs and auctions.
Multiple page reviews devoted to different areas of the art world.
The Art Newspaper Russia is the leading Russian issue about art.

“Culture and Time” is a social-scientific and art magazine. Its founder and publisher is the International Centre of the Roerichs. It is a periodic, illustrated, colour edition of 264 columns of high polygraphic quality. It is aimed at a wide range of readers. Its topics include culture studies, philosophy, art, science, museology, theater and poetry. The articles based on the archival materials from the unique heritage of the Roerich family occupy a special place among the magazine publications.

BaltInfo.Ru is an electronic mass media, part of the Baltic Media Group. As a general interest outlet it covers the most important city events, carries expert commentary and up-to-date news on every sphere of urban life, and also hosts discussions.
The priorities are producing our own information covering the North-Western region and Baltic countries. Newsfeed for Russia and the entire world is also available.
Address: 197101 Saint Petersburg, Mira st. 34
Tel. +7 (812) 334 27 86 (87)
Fax + 7 (812) 334 27 98

The magazine Russian Art, an excellently illustrated publication that features articles and stories exploring the national artistic heritage, acquaints the reader with unique museum collections and exhibits, contemporary personal collections, renowned collectors, who left a mark in the history of Russian culture, famed patrons of art and forgotten artists. Our authors include leading art historians and historians, museum workers, scholars from academic institutes, experts, art collectors and journalists.

The magazine of Moscow Museum of Modern Art is a successor to the Dekorative Art journal, one of the oldest Russia-based fine art periodicals, established in 1957. The editorial board tries to offer impartial information about the most important art processes to the readers. You can find materials about the most significant phenomena of the contemporary art practice in visual arts, design, architecture. The journal keeps an eye on the problems of art market, reviews of private and museum collections. The magazine’s special task is to introduce new names of artists from Russia’s regions to the readers. The goal of the DI magazine is to keep and develop contacts between artists in the whole post-Soviet space.

  • Frequency — bimonthly
  • Format — 144 pages
  • Print run — 2,000 copies

The Academic Publishing House “NOTA BENE” (OOO “NB-MEDIA”) is one of the leading Russian scientific publishers. It specializes in publishing journals and books in the spheres of humanities and social sciences, as well as communications and high technologies, military and technical spheres and security issues, and also in the sphere of cultural studies and fine arts.
All journals and books are presented in five Internet sites and in the App Store, they are accessible for workpads. It has a large digital scientific library.

Saint-Petersburg City Tourist Information Bureau is the first tourist information service in Russia founded in 2000. The main aims of the organization are to provide information for the guests and citizens of the city, to promote the city as an attractive tourist destination. 11 information points function in St. Petersburg at the moment: in the historical downtown, at airports and Passenger Sea Port.